models Ruby Jean Wilson & Hirschy // stylist David Bonney // hair Jenny Kim // makeup Claire Thompson // 
photographer Daniel Gurton // creative director Matthew Roland Bannister

When I am invited to come and capture behind the scenes of a cover story and they provide a cast and crew like this, I couldn't be more honoured to be let in.  


"Her pictures always turn on an intimacy between the subject and herself, a sort of private collaborative energy that's beyond all the conventional "gazes"...You see the person in her work, not the icon, not the guy, not the girl. And the result is always deliciously and joyously hot."

I want my summer to feel the same way Cass Bird's photos do. Deliciously hot. 

Photos: Cass Bird

a record

I was planning a wedding, my wedding, shooting, editing, emailing every day up until the day. Comprehending the end of a era and preparing for a new one. I wasn't nervous for us, it was for them...especially her. It crowded my mind (its slowly easing), filtered into my dreams, disrupted my sleep, hurt my head and made me cry out "Why?!".
But now I'm with him and I know I can love them from here - where I wake up to this and stare out at that and know that I am on the shore and everyone else is slowly swimming in too.

xx It's been two months but I am back!