A table

The ever elusive Kinfolk long tabled lunch club, we made it. I don't really know how (and we did get a little lost along the very windy roaded way) but we did. Styled to the point of imperfect perfection my brain can't comprehend and all details accounted for in every corner of every place the eye can see. Light bouncing everywhere, raucous laughter from our end of the table, some almost awkward interactions and some very easy, natural, simple like minded ones to make up for the former...the beauty of throwing a group of strangers together and share around a table and a meal...but not just any table....this was the Kinfolk table

A big thank you to our warm and welcoming hosts, beautiful Natalie of Eat Read Lover and extremely talented artist, Lisa Madigan, whose home we invaded. Hannah Rose Yee & Amanda Bechara, you make any occasion as good as it could possibly be. 

My life feels so rich at the moment...bursting with activity - and slight chaos - but intensely full and dynamic which is why I haven't been hanging around here too much. Rest is coming and when it does I will unleash the last few months worth of stimulation upon you.