Shooting the breeze


It was smooth and smokey and had the most soul of a launch party I've been to in some time. The invite that came couriered to my door, an oversized glass jar of home made pickles, should have been a good indicator of this with it's promise of shooting the breeze with David Chang (read Momofuku), Andrew Levins (The Dip),  good ol' fashioned conversation, PLENTY of whiskey and one of my favourite Sydney pub converts - The Carrington to house the shenanigans. 
Highlights: house smoked lavendar cola, pork ribs glazed with bourbon BBQ sauce, the calamari sliders, Levins telling stories of food bloggers complaining of the poor light (for shooting) in The Dip aaannnd probably a few more pork ribs glazed with bourbon BBQ sauce. 

Photos: Rachel Kara
Event: Bulleit Whiskey 'Speak Easy' presents David Chang & Andrew Levins 

Welcome to


My Nanna remembers it fondly, 1975, staying in basic but beautiful beach bures, soaking up the sunshine and all the activities an island could have to offer . Mum, 2006, in all of it's luxe glory....yet a time she looks back on with turbulent emotion for the not so simple heartbreak which very shortly followed her trip. 
The whole family, November 2012!!!!!!! Hayman; I couldn't be more ready for you. May the next 11 days fly by.

These postcards were then...stay tuned for now through my lens.



I have admired every LP33.3 collection to date and the bodies that can pull off their grownup feminine shapes - my little sister being one of them damm her  - with equal parts admiration and as I walked into the studio on that first Monday of Spring to be greeted by racks of grey marle jumpers (with the finest most beautiful metallic Chantilly lace detailing, of course), a skater style dress (maybe even two!), a printed shirt and the perfect pair of dress up/down pants scattered amongst the signature LP staples I was more than a little thrilled.  

My pictures always seem to speak better than I can type at midnight so go ahead and scroll back up to the top and read them all over again. How saucy is Eva? So saucy. A Jessica Rabbit type minx who rocks a big wool, cashmere, felt gown like no one I've ever seen before. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the lookbook to come....

based on photographic works ‘The Ruins of Detroit’ by Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre
opening & closing title LPW1321 cadillac hotel roll-neck shift
Photography Justin Ridler @ the artist group
Model Eva @ the agency
Hair & Makeup Andrea Black @ reload agency
Jewellery Petite Grand
Production White
LP33.3 is Luke Hosking & Paul del Giglio

Photos: Rachel Kara

September through October

Spring so far....

On location. Gorgeous baby Mona on equally beautiful Winmalee property...hardly call this 'work' // Icecream coloured Cali Cale & Asos shoes after family lunch // Picnic with lover boy complete with French wine et al // My scent. Speaks for itself. // Stumbled across a non approved larger than life photo in the & defeat in one // Leaving Cairns after an amazing weekend shooting and enjoying the tropics // SOLD! 8/10 FOR SALE // I tend to spend Sunday mornings whipping these up. Pretty but painful. // A magical day in Portland with Hannah & Elise...about to serve up afternoon tea of dark chocolate berry tart & apple tarte tatin with cumquat jam.

All seen via meine iPhone. Follow @rachelkara1

four of twenty four. on a roll.

Same but different. Can you feel it? It can't be faked. A few favourites from an odd roll of 35mm shot on that day in the Blue Mountains a couple of months back.

Trying to figure out a better blog schedule in amongst the jumble that is my diary. I thought it was about priorities but sometimes it is reduced to something less considered than that even, necessities perhaps? Where you cannot think you just have to do and get done.  Ho hum. Don't leave! Tell me how life is?