on the table

A tiny taste of what I have been shooting for Broadsheet Sydney in the last month or so. 

I truly hate it when people huff & puff and say "ughhh I just need to get out of Sydney". Get out of Sydney, seriously? Now it may not be a stumbled-upon-it type city where you can just get off the train at any old spot and meander up & down pretty laneways to be assaulted with fabulous food & drink options, pop up galleries, music venues and such...but put a little bit of back into it and there is a glittering cave of gems to be found here. I find Broadsheet to be a good place to start that journey of discovery.

Photos: Rachel Kara

Mare. Sole. Amore.

It looks a little too easy.      It sums up D&G.

I don't even want their clothes, I want their life. The sun, the family, the love, the Italian coast, the laughs and luxury for the sake of pleasure (rather than opulence) in the everyday. Colour, classic womanly beauty and tanned men who convincingly wear collared shirts and belted shorts at a pebbly beach. 

I was a believer before I saw it, but this behind the scenes video is well worth the watch.

Photos: Dolce & Gabana 2013 campaign by Domenica Dolce feat. Bianca Balti, Monica Bellucci and Bianca Brandolini d’Adda and an attractive bunch of Sicilian locals

with envy


Even on the most exhausting of days I often stop and realise, I really like my life. 
Being separated from your normal routine and environment causes you to stop a little more regularly than usual so you can imagine the deep contentment I felt as I lazily sat in a steam room on the 27th floor of a beautiful hotel (post gym & swim) imagining where I would let my feet lead me around the city and it's suburbs for the next couple of sunny days. 
From the first moment I stepped out of the lobby I noticed the abundance of green leaves on the trees, especially for Autumn (which we seem to be putting off) and I'm telling you, it did not stop following me! It is such a wonderful colour, my favourite in fact - and I think the universe must have known that.

Photos: Rachel Kara

perfect petal storm

As I was searching for lighting references for his shoot today whilst driving home from the other side of Sydney on a rare Sunday that actually felt like a Sunday, I came across something I feel everyone should know about, especially on the Monday where I hear uni starts back.

Sasha and her climbing delicate little fingers and edible smile. "4 steps, 3 degress, 2 measures...".
The roaring and crashing noises and one perfect petal storm.
Watch it and giggle then do it again. It has to be the best thing I've seen this year.

Photo & video: Prada Eyewear Spring 2013 by Steven Meisel, flawless beauty by Pat McGrath, hair by Olivier Rizzo featuring quite the power pack of girls; Amber Valletta, Eva Herzigova, Irene Hiemstra, Irinia Kravchenko, Maartje Verhoef, Raquel Zimmermann, Sasha Pivovarova, Saskia de Brauw, Sung Hee Kim, Kristen Owen, & Vanessa Axente.