Dream on


I tried to get inspired to clean my room (or at least organise my mess) so did what you should always not do when you have a job at hand 1. Went online 2. checked what's been happening with The Selby.

What I ended up with was mismatched but way dreamy combinations (like Jaimie Campbell in Pharells pool in Mexico - ohhright) and photos of myself laying on the floor procrastinating.


Latest news: Woodstock NYE house party. Going to have a photo field day! Need some party inspiration. The thought of hosting a 'party' is giving me hives, or headaches, so am going to stick with the term 'gathering'. What kind of gatherings are y'all going to to welcome in the beginning of a new decade?

Photos: The Selby, Rachel Kara

looking in

Can someone write something clever, honest and insightful without being tragic and lame about feeling:
  • anxious over success or more specifically, a lack thereof
  • drowning, suffocating, getting lost in disorganisation
  • a rush to get to the future 
  • inability to express all that one feels
  • inability to show all that one see's
  • tension in the head
  • backflips in my stomach


I don't understand why some days adrenaline decides to pump a little harder through my veins (no not that good, ready to leap out of my skin adrenaline, the other one) and my brain whirs at a noticeably and dangerously higher speed.
It is also on these days that the world seems to moves in slow motion and I am able to make everything a melancholic movie moment...like birds flying through the sky for example. True story - I saw that only hours ago and wanted to cry. 
I hate these days!

Tomorrow the sun will come up and I can almost guarantee it will be all rainbows and lollipops but for now my fingers running over these keys release a little of whatever this is that's stirring. All at the risk of being eye-rolled and misinterpreted by strangers. Whatever. 

This too shall pass. Sleeeeeeppp. 

Photos: Click on image for Flickr details
Video: Rachel Kara (filmed the night before last, camera resting on my chest, laying in bed, lots of camera shake, poor framing but plenty of feeling).


Beyond fascinating. When's the feature?

00:51 precious. pure. love
01:51 tear.
03:12 Dad
03:34 lol
04:15 why are their lights on?
04:50 every. single. frame gahhhhhhhhhhhh
05:18 sumputuous, buttery
05:25 cigar
06:03 light
06:43 what a scene
08:06 a fuck tonne of leather
10:43 and that's how it works.

Movie: The Selby
Tonight it's a party yah! Any Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian (tanskindarkhairpiercingeyesstrongarms) men welcome.

Happy weekend.




It was the perfect night to be sitting on the porch, drinking a soda with your summer crush whilst the cicadas hummed and the anticipation of an awkward first kiss lingered in the sweet air...

...yes, typical American movie scenes is a dialect I think fluently in.

Lady, loose hair, full moon, no shoes, no bra, dog on leash. I feel you lady.

Photo: self portrait
Illustration: Marjorie Miller - Queen of The Night


I have had so many thoughts today - ideas for blogging, conversations, events, dreams, actions, gifts, people, beliefs - but I can't seem to hold onto them long enough to put to any sort of use.

I felt the second third best I've felt all week when I hung in the backyard and caught the last light of this for-some-reason-special Friday evening.


In the morning before I leave for work I take a short walk around the block to let my brain digest my dreams, talk with my God about anything that came up in said dreams that may prove to be an issue in making it through the day ahead, breathe in some fresh air and stretch my limbs.
...that was supoosed to be an introduction to me talking about how I don't have time to edit photos so am quickly learning to shoot how I want things seen, in-camera....but I don't have time to fully explain my thoughts on that either so I'll just leave you with that note about my morning walk.
I hope one day someone special who can see, feel and appreciate the magic of the morning will join me on my walk.

Photos: Rachel Kara, my muse Emma Louise


Things are always more profound when they involve subtitles.

Beating my usual change of season sickness with an ocean swim, coffee and French film.



Photos: 1 ? 2. Xavier Dolan (hubba hubba) in I Killed My Mother 3. ? 4. Chris Colls 6. Mario Testino 7. Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina 8. Chris Colls