I am looking to solidify vision. See the dream no matter how wild and far beyond it may seem.

Patrick Demarchelier gave this interview a couple of years ago that didn't particularly impress me. There was a certain cocky, self righteous, 'I'm 66 and all these new photographers on the block (new being Sims, Sorrenti, McDean, Miesel et al chhhhhhyeah) got nothing on me'  kind of tone that I was reading into and not digging. But whilst being unendeared I was also being toughened up to idea/reality that 'success' in a photographic world still may be decades away in a way that I do not know or imagine at this stage. 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some photos. Can't deny the fact the man takes a dam beautiful picture. 

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier for Interview June 2012 feat Julianne Hough 



It was VOGUE, so of course it was the best. Derek Henderson (my long time photo love) behind the lens, Victoria Baron making face, Christine Centenera dressing, Alan whispering. Mulberry, Cartier, Tiffany.
Name(drop) aside, what I witnessed on this day was hard work in it's purest joy bringing form. The type of work where people are doing exactly what they should be, what they were destined to be. From the moment we arrived mid-morning with sun streaming through the closed doors of the Enmore Theatre the quick and quiet pace was set for the tight schedule ahead whilst an effort was made to maintain an air of luxurious calm. So Vogue.
With Emma in the hair & makeup chair for a typical two hours, I found plenty of time for a scout around the empty theatre, lots of camera talk with a befriended fellow one-man entourage, a quick chat with Mr Henderson (as he was crunching on an apple), and perhaps a cup of tea or two to pass that last little 'almost done' bit. The actual taking photo part was an apparent breeze as we even had time for a sweet serenade. As she sat in that booth twiddling the pencil in hand and singing whatever jazzy number it was that had sprung to mind, the whole crew came to a standstill.

Oh and incase you havent seen the final result....

...not bad Sis!

Photos: Rachel Kara (Behind The Scenes),
Emma Birdsall by Derek Henderson (final shot) for Vogue Australia, October '12.