I am looking to solidify vision. See the dream no matter how wild and far beyond it may seem.

Patrick Demarchelier gave this interview a couple of years ago that didn't particularly impress me. There was a certain cocky, self righteous, 'I'm 66 and all these new photographers on the block (new being Sims, Sorrenti, McDean, Miesel et al chhhhhhyeah) got nothing on me'  kind of tone that I was reading into and not digging. But whilst being unendeared I was also being toughened up to idea/reality that 'success' in a photographic world still may be decades away in a way that I do not know or imagine at this stage. 

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share some photos. Can't deny the fact the man takes a dam beautiful picture. 

Photos: Patrick Demarchelier for Interview June 2012 feat Julianne Hough 

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