flowers by night

Buying myself flowers every week this year and having them sit for a portrait. That's my project. Please keep me accountable dear blog and anybody out there who happens upon this. x

Photo: rose number one, Rachel Kara 


Some mornings you just wake up more hungry for adventure than others. So I got up, had a bath and came to my computer to look for something. I quickly found myself taking an early morning walk around Seminyak and it seems a couple of hours have slipped off the clock but I'm now ready (rather than restless) to start this day. 

Photos: Rachel Kara 


It's hard to know what to say and which ones to share that could even start to represent the day as the true slice of heaven that it was. I can proudly say it looked as beautiful as you could ever hope a glowing, intimate, alfresco, summer dinner party by the ocean could look like - but what I really want to express is how it felt. I have always dreamed of finding a way to transfer feelings but the whole setup is a little elaborate for a blog post on a Sunday evening. 

Becoming his wife made & makes so much sense it's silly to think that things could ever have been any other way.

We danced in the moonlight, standing up in the middle of dinner looking out at the people I loved and I think that moment summed it up as best as possible for now. Watch this! #racheltimwedding

Photos: (the bundle of joy that is) Bek Grace