Curious Case

I woke up this morning and wanted to feast on something beautiful.

I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button well after it's release and was annoyed about the delay in discovery but pleased of my ignorance to it's acclaim as it allowed me to unbiasedly fall in love with no Oscar, BAFTA, Grammy, Golden Globe (etcetera etcetera) influence.
It was the first time I saw Cate Blanchett as a woman with sex appeal and understood the whole Brad Pitt 'thing' as soon as he hopped on that motorbike. It made me want to dress like a lady, wear pants like a lady, fill my wardrobe with lots of navy, green, red & beige, go back to ballet, throw on my scoop back leotard and flowing skirt, have a porcelain complexion. Errr yeah, ok fine, I think I just wanted to be Daisy. I cried a lot and tried to freeze frame almost every new shot. The cinematography blew my mind, I wanted to be in it. I wanted to create every shot that Claudio Miranda had...but I definitely hadn't, I was tucked up in bed with a pile of pillows, my doona, a tea and a box of tissues the night I first watched this. I think it's time to revisit, this time I might set myself up a little more like a lady.

PS. A very big thank you to you lovely people who took the time to comment or email as follow up to my last behind the scenes post. It was a spectacular set with the very best people working on lighting, hair, makeup and all the other extras that go into such a shoot, not to mention a particularly fortunate looking sister (not even biased), so really it would have been hard to not take a good picture. There will be more adventures and more photos to come, stay tuned. xR


Woolworths - The Voice from Craig Rasmus on Vimeo.

If you saw that Woolworths was trending last night, I think this may have been why. 

It was only a week or so ago that we were picked up in a big black car before the sun came up, and slept as the city and morning traffic passed us by with our heads lolling, sunk into the comfy back seats. Note to self: don't get used to the extreme luxury of having a driver - comfortably sleeping whilst getting from A to B will cause accidents on any other regular 'day in the life'.  It was a particularly cold and reasonably long day, especially for my bebe (please note I have no particular role of importance other than minion and general sisterly support) who was deathly sick but miraculously managed to look like a perfectly perky 1940's diva each and every one of the (many) takes.  Just one ad break out from the end of The Voice grand finale the final clip was aired and our loungeroom sat silently mesmerised and saw it was worth every single second...every minute, every hour - sorry, an obvious song reference should always be expected from me - of that chilly winter day spent in a big, black warehouse on the 'other' side of Sydney. Big ups to the band too! What funny chaps they were and how dapper are off white suits? Oh and before you boo me off tonight for my particularly messy grammar and sentence structuring I think one more lot of people deserve a mention, the crew from The Feds, the ones who actually do the work. 
Sorry sis but you're stuck with me now, I'm in for the ride baby! 

Photos: Rachel Kara  please do not repost without permission and credit!

Manning Cartell

I would never say I'm a Manning Cartell kind of girl. I have found many bits & pieces (a particular pair of high waisted jodhpur pants with large pockets are coming to mind) over the years that I love and would mix in with my wardrobe but as whole I think of them as a major caterer to the "hotties" of Sydney and well, Australia I guess.
You know the ones...they squeeze into a simple, figure hugging number in some punchy offbeat colour, have a tan, comfortably wear ridiculous heels for long nights drinking champagne, were more than compatible with the cut-out trend and walk into any party knowing heads will turn. Yeah those ones. (If you're thinking you're detecting a bitchy tone stop right there sister cause you ain't - I admire these types, truly, I do!).
But wait. I think whilst I've been busy chasing the perfect denim & white tshirt combo and layering knits with turtle necks and tights and boots there's been a slight evolvement with Manning I may have missed. Sure, its still gonna be the hotties that are working a neon midriff this summer, but oversized bombers, printed pants and white lace are more than enough reason to keep me waiting for summers delivery.

Photos: Rachel Kara at MBFWA 12

the world stops

I was starting to feel a little annoyed that Arnsdorf are having some down time whilst I'm having a manic denim meltdown because my favourite jeans in the whole wide universe that need to be replaced can't be found ANYWHERE in stock (Arnsdorf Indigo Slim Size 8... just incase). But then I remembered why and stalked some beautiful pictures of Jade (Sarita Arnott) and her baby Pavlo and all was forgiven. The world stops.

Photos: Winnie Au

5 towns, Itay

As I get older I truly try so hard to not be set in my summer loving ways. I feel likes it's almost immature, a bit tween, (and very Cronulla of me) to thrive so much on sunshine and not enjoy all those things that good, intelligent, accepting, well rounded and crafty people like about winter like knitting and gumboots and soup....the wind, rain, grey skies, BEING COLD. NB: I really like soup

Anyway, here I am sitting in my tracksuit in front of the heater revisiting my last proper summer holiday which was now 2 YEARS AGO and realising this is in fact one third reblog from a post of a similar same theme (but different edit on that picture, I don't know whether I should be ashamed? I must just like the picture guys) in July last year.

Ayyway whoever is visiting the Italian coastline in the next few months, go ahead and make yourself scarce. Do not wanna see enviable pictures in any of my social media streams thank you very much!


Photos: 1//Lauren dancing in the sun infected by happiness 2//The Mediterranean 3//Standard (+ my favourite Zimmermann bikini ever made/worn)

Live on

I have noticed lately that I have spent more time being and working on the 'now' and my vision for the future (all a bit self focused I must say) whereas I used to spend hours lost in another time, a yesteryear, with little regard to how that could translate to anything I may be doing or foreseeing on a very cold, blustery May day in 2012 for example.

I decided to bring back a bit of balance passing the past hour or so leisurely trawling through the extensive archives of fashion photographer Arthur Elgort. At 72 years of age, and with a rather current portfolio, Arthur is the perfect bridge from then to now - but his supermodel era black & whites is where it really kicks off for me (followed closely with his images of ballet practice). I think he must have been quite the fox with all his girls playing to the camera with not-so-subtle sensuality. Foxy indeed!

Photos: Arthur Elgort