Curious Case

I woke up this morning and wanted to feast on something beautiful.

I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button well after it's release and was annoyed about the delay in discovery but pleased of my ignorance to it's acclaim as it allowed me to unbiasedly fall in love with no Oscar, BAFTA, Grammy, Golden Globe (etcetera etcetera) influence.
It was the first time I saw Cate Blanchett as a woman with sex appeal and understood the whole Brad Pitt 'thing' as soon as he hopped on that motorbike. It made me want to dress like a lady, wear pants like a lady, fill my wardrobe with lots of navy, green, red & beige, go back to ballet, throw on my scoop back leotard and flowing skirt, have a porcelain complexion. Errr yeah, ok fine, I think I just wanted to be Daisy. I cried a lot and tried to freeze frame almost every new shot. The cinematography blew my mind, I wanted to be in it. I wanted to create every shot that Claudio Miranda had...but I definitely hadn't, I was tucked up in bed with a pile of pillows, my doona, a tea and a box of tissues the night I first watched this. I think it's time to revisit, this time I might set myself up a little more like a lady.

PS. A very big thank you to you lovely people who took the time to comment or email as follow up to my last behind the scenes post. It was a spectacular set with the very best people working on lighting, hair, makeup and all the other extras that go into such a shoot, not to mention a particularly fortunate looking sister (not even biased), so really it would have been hard to not take a good picture. There will be more adventures and more photos to come, stay tuned. xR

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