Clouds come down


A pile of cosy winter pieces waiting to be photographed and a day off mid week for both my sweetheart & I and was just begging for a little trip out of town. After a sweetsweet sleep in the morning of, we were still deliberating between a scenic coastal drive or a journey to the mountains but a tweet from Hannah regarding a life changing experience to do with apples and Bilpin (best juice) confirmed the latter option and up the mountains the journey begun. The moment when the air starts to clear. The traffic thins. Buildings age. The temperature drops. Colours turn cool. Clouds come down. Walking into a cafe I imagine hobbits would dine and folk really do look and dress this, um, certain kind of similar way. Witches. Japanese tour buses. Getting changed in the car. Big cuddles. Boyfriend jacket. Love notes engraved in a tree. Creamy hot chocolate. Full lungs and satisfied souls.

A good day made even betterer by the dress ups and picture taking but minus the undesired nakedness that went on whilst changing in rather indiscreet places around Leura. 

ETA: I was tired last night when I posted but did intend to come back and tell you why these particular garments pleased me. Links will direct you to buy and browse the rest of both the Maille and Amy Kaehne A/W 12 collections - you may even find them to be on sale which is lucky as it is only now that we're starting to feel those single digit temperatures of an evening. 

1. Amy Kaehne mapplethorp jacket  Pluses +It's big enough to fit as many layers of your oldest favourite jumpers, jackets and any other warm layers you have in your wardrobe underneath in a way that you don't have to feel bad or daggy because you're wearing the sold out Amy Kaehne maplethorp cord jacket  +It's corduroy, an underrated fabric in my humble opinion +The hood is like a cocoon for your head and your beanie and messy hair     Minus -It's sold out :(

2. Maille drape jacket Pluses + Essentially this is the shape of a dress jacket, the warmth of wool and the comfort of your everyday cardigan...but that bit more luxe. That's 3 pluses in one! +Drapes at the front leave room for a variety of necklines underneath +Two tone...chose your weapon

3. Amy Kaehne Contrast neckline jumper +It's PINK!! For a girl who grew up loving cargo shorts, boys sneakers, camo print and skate/surf brands, pink is an unexpected plus but I do love it in the right place, ie: here and on my scarf which reminds of Garance but I can't remember why? +Light and roomy enough to layer +That practical point of transeasonality blahh which is always a good (practical) point especially when investing dollars into fabric +On sale 

4. Maille Long sleeve side gather dress +It's a dress but it covers and warms your legs because it's for winter. Der. People need call upon this ingenius design more often. Perfect for the days and nights you want to enjoy the simple freedom that comes when you wear a dress...but it's cold out and stockings defeat the freedom concept. Oh hey maxi with long sleeves and nice soft clingy sexy fabric you're perfect! That was many pluses. -Super fine merino around your derrière can make you want to go to the gym more. Decide whether this is a plus or a minus for yourself. 

Photos: Tim Ashton (rrr--rrr-rrr-rremixed and landscapes by Rachel Kara)


  1. common ground cafe is really like a big fairy treehouse, that's what i thought when I was a kid anyway. I've been up the mountains two weekends in a row now and I think I'm going back next weekend... just can't get enough. Air so fresh you could drink it!! more more more please.

    ps. look at you babein away!!! I love that Amy jacket quite a fair bit, I wish there was one around I could purchase but it's all sold out. Very very very sad.


  2. My mum's family is from Lithgow and the mountains are in my blood. If I could live anywhere else in Australia it would be there. It's my home away from home and Tim has captured it beautifully. You look a bit of alright too ;) xx

  3. Sudden longing for knitted things and Blue Mountains getaways.

  4. I like these pictures an unhealthy amount! So lovely :)

  5. So beautiful! The colours and the clothing are perfect. You look too cute in that beanie.

  6. I've just discovered your blog... and recently the Blue Mountains and the most perfect city getaway... you look fresh and cool... and you've got yourself a new follower! It's a pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

  7. Now i m longing 4 winter ;)
    Beautiful :)


bites and kisses for you. meow. x