Givenchy Haute Couture may well be operating in a parallel universe to my usual tea fuelled, woolen and toasted cheese sandwich interests/adventures, regardless, I am irrevocably drawn to the sublime beauty that presents itself  specifically in the group shots of Ricardo's collections each and every season. The clothes in themselves are works of art but my eyes see beyond this and somewhere into the depths of the photograph where I burrow into a realm of embellished floor sweeping fantasy. 

Come back in a few days. I'm in another world for now.....


Givenchy Haute Couture // Fall 12 // Spring 11 // Spring 12


  1. I love how everyone's standing there like that - makes such a strong visual impact. Givenchy haute couture never disappoints.

  2. These



    And: My nails are glittering gold. I am not in love.

  3. This is sublime beauty. Was really drawn by these shots but then there is something to me to very human in it. The models look more like objects than human ... Probably that's the concept of it.

    Love your photos. They are all very beautiful.

    Danling @The Flying Room


bites and kisses for you. meow. x