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I have noticed lately that I have spent more time being and working on the 'now' and my vision for the future (all a bit self focused I must say) whereas I used to spend hours lost in another time, a yesteryear, with little regard to how that could translate to anything I may be doing or foreseeing on a very cold, blustery May day in 2012 for example.

I decided to bring back a bit of balance passing the past hour or so leisurely trawling through the extensive archives of fashion photographer Arthur Elgort. At 72 years of age, and with a rather current portfolio, Arthur is the perfect bridge from then to now - but his supermodel era black & whites is where it really kicks off for me (followed closely with his images of ballet practice). I think he must have been quite the fox with all his girls playing to the camera with not-so-subtle sensuality. Foxy indeed!

Photos: Arthur Elgort


  1. I want a beauty mark.
    Imperfection perfection. x

  2. gotta love the super models of the late eighties and early nineties. may they live on! i must say that i really loved the waifs that came right after though.

  3. Just amazing. So sexy and sultry.

  4. I went into Doll House for a Sherri Hill dress and I had the worst time. The staff was rude and no help to me they made me feel as if I didn’t belong into their store. I well never return there and I am glad I didn’t purchase my dress from that store.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x