bag lady

Inspired by a post on ontd_ff the other day I want to see whats in other bloggers bags!! If you come across this and have the time comment me and do a post on your blog. If this is an epic fail oh well I'll post mine anyway :)


Half of this is so unecesarry...but you should see it when I'm going out for the night-the only thing missing from my room in there would be my bed.


  1. wow you got quite a lot in your bag
    same like me i never go without my pen and daily planner
    i like your bag, where is it from ?

  2. forget to mention: you inspire me to do this kind of post :) lol

  3. Haha! Fabulous =] I carry a ridiculous amount of things in my bag too! =] Perhaps I will do this little idea!

    La C.

  4. wow, this is awesome!!! i'm definitely a 'bag lady', too-- if i can fit it in, it's coming with me! aha.

    and thank you for adding me to your list, i will most certainly do the same!! i love your blog, and am glad i found it!


  5. ohhh i always love when pplp this one. and YAY for russh! such a good issue too.

    thanks for your comment!!!

    much love LM

  6. that is a lot. I have the same phone! :)


bites and kisses for you. meow. x