"High heels, like champagne, are a cause worth suffering for"

Couldn't have said it better myself Jenny Carlyle.


A very tight selection of my faves on net-a-porter a the moment.

Black shoes may be versatile and what not but when you're dreaming, versatility/investment/practicality aren't concepts that even need consideration.

Shall we start on the rest? Oh...you don't have the restof your day/night to waste? Ok so I guess I'll release my latest shoe desires upon you slowly (but surely).

Share YOUR latest shoe desires with me!


  1. the marni heels are absolutely amazing! :)

  2. loving marni too! so cute! such stand outs!

    thanks for your comment honey..and how was the exhib?!!?! sOOOOOOOOO jealous! not fair. damn adelaide! haha

    xx love LM

  3. i have seen the review of marni wooden platform too
    they are gorgeous
    i want oonnnee!

    mm wanna exchange link dear? linked you already

  4. Those Burberry shoes are amazing!

    La C.

  5. AHHHH these shoes... just...making... me... drool... Haha I like that quote. Sometimes I do wonder why we kill ourselves and ruin our feet for heels though. =( Love is blind as they say.

    Btw, woww I didn't know you've been to singapore! =D When did you go? How did you find it? Haha yeah I love Far East for all the crazy little shops in which you never know what you might find. Next time you come, do let me know k! =D I'd love to go to Sydney one day sigh..


bites and kisses for you. meow. x