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Stunning photography

I never know what to say when asked how to describe my style (not that I really am asked that question much, but when I imagine my imaginary interviews with myself dam shouldn't have typed that out loud, it's always a pretty common question that comes up).

BUT, I've just had a lightbulb momement whilst looking through one of my many inspiration folders. In one word... SOFT. Soft -which can aso translate to messy- hair, colours, makeup, fabric, lines, shapes etc etc.
It could somehow be connected to the fact I as a person am a massive softie, crying at books, movies, music, other peoples love/heartbreak (same thing right?) stories, hurt animals, suffering people, the list goes on. The fact that it can cover up laziness aswell wouldn't be connected at all, right?

Can you sum your aeshetic up in one word???

Photos: Jean Francois Campos from fashionising.com


  1. two. thoroughly unpredictable...in saying that, i really wish i had a word to sum up my style, but seeing as i wear a uniform 6 days a week (school+work) i haven't really had a chance to experiment with what i love...as you always tell me, 'stick to essentials that can be mixed and matched'...too right, too right sister.
    miss your ugly face.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x