days gone by




Ok so I've been a little caught up in the real world (or maybe caught up isn't the right phrase...caught up implies that I didn't have control or was unable to get away from it, when its actually quite the opposite, I pretty much threw myself into it) and have been purposely ignoring the e-world for the past 5 days or so. No blogging, browsing, ebaying, facebooking and anything else that you can think of that involves being online.

I needed a bit of time to gather my thoughts without so much distraction and the push and pull I feel when I have all this inspiration just dumped on me everyday (usually in the form of my bloglovin account) that really isn't helping my restless feeling....I wanna go explore, like, now!

In saying that...check out my lastest pile of (real life)reading material. Enough to keep me entertained for the whole month ATLEAST

  • Russh (I'm known to squeal when I see this waiting on the table for me every 2 months..and I'm definately NOT a squealer)
  • New Moon (Twilight fans unite)
  • Dazed&Confused
  • Plastique (my absolute number one favourite magazine, second to my absolute favourite above number one always and forever Russh)
  • The Road Less Travelled (taking bits and pieces of timeless wisdom from this well read classic)
  • Its Not How Good You Are It's How Good You Want to Be (thanks Mum)
  • Canon EOS 450D User Manual (I've got a long way to go...please bear with me as I play and hopefully improve)
  • My diary from my trip to Espana 2 years ago(another non helpful tool in keeping me from eloping to some foreign country)

In other news, chai tea NB: TEA. not this powder or syrup chai latte crap thats everywhere. tea leaves or spices or whatever it actually is brewed toegther with soy milk and maybe a touch of honey is the way chai should be drunk. end of story. not up for discussion. and paninis are my current beverage and meal of choice.

Next up: a post about fashion. Promise!


  1. These photographs are amazing! (:

    La C.

  2. oh yum
    my stomach is growling now

  3. Yey! Twilight hehe:) Those other books seems interesting, I think I might check them out.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x