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I will never ever get over that first image. A classic in my books.

Photos: by KT Auleta

NB: I've made a conscious decision to cut back on my writing and get on with picture posting. More often than not it's just dribble that is spewing from my fingers onto the keyboard, usually self indulgent and cringe-worthy in hind-sight when reviewing my poor choice of words, sentence structure or just the general nonsense I'm going on about.
I feel I speak better with images anyway.


  1. ohh yes that first picture is ~fierce~ (sorry i just had to say that with the ~, in true faggy style)...looks like maryna actually? just a thought...


  2. I like those pictures:) and thanks for your comment, about the books. Twilight is a favorite of mine to! Looking forward seeing New Moon! and my sisters keeper seem so sad... But I think Im gonna watch the movie at least. And I actually have bright shiny morning, but haven't read so much yet. I always say Im gonna read more because I want to, but I have a hard time concentrating though, Im more of a magazine junkie hehe... But I really like a book called "Discover your destiny with the monk who sold his ferrari." Very interesting and inspiring book that I can recomend!

  3. Beautifull beautiful picturess

    Love your blogg

  4. Those Balenciaga inspired boots by Sam Edelman are up on Ebay!!

    Here they are:

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bites and kisses for you. meow. x