What used to be an overwhelming, time consuming/wasting (but completely neccesary) trawl through net-a-porter has now been mastered down to an artful click and super swift scan of each page, immediately being able to recognise what is 'me' and ignoring what is not - as beautiful and luxe as it all may be.

Above is the cull of what I would work into my current wardrobe for a fresh start to Spring...it is already in the air. LOVES it

Speaking of things in the air, last week I had the life knocked out of me with a sudden case of swine flu. I think I had been slowing down before for other reasons but now that I am better will hopefully be back on blogging bandwagon.

Photos: net-a-porter

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  1. Haha I could spend days on net-a-porter!
    Everything here looks lovelyy thoughh
    I need a new wardrobe for autumn, very exciting moment in life
    Hope you're feeling better now :)


bites and kisses for you. meow. x