wiggin out.


Post title = joke of the night at a recent wig party I was at. For some reason it didn't stop being funny. My creative director/genius hairdresser friend was conveniently over at my house before the party hence the wig not actually being a wig but more like a big hot mess of braided hair pieces on half of my head. Few feathers chucked in for something different. Not that it wasn't different already. Loved it.

Oh and quite a large photo of myself right there. Not gonna lie...it makes me feel quite vulnerable putting 'me' out there. Will probs stick with everyone elses pretty pictures for now yah? Yahhh. Must say, have been to some pretty A grade parties lately so will have to do a catch-up post.


  1. Rachel -

    FIrstly, you are gorgeous, so keep putting up the photos of that face so we can all enjoy it a bit more k?
    Second, yes - Francoise Hardy is a f*cking goddess. Bless.
    Third, i think it's cool that you had a wig party. that gives me a good idea for my next theme party.
    a kiss x

  2. I'm so glad you left a comment because I'm really enjoying your blog. I know there's a lot of flattery in the realm of blog comments so I will reiterate :: your blog is wonderful.

    And in response to this particular post, we are only going to want more pictures of you after this. So don't go hiding now.

  3. Your photos are great! Gotta agree with Graham with this - you can't stop now..

    Hope your schoolwork's getting better. I've got one last paper to deal with (and the Comparative Political Economy paper wasn't pretty..) xx


  4. Awwww :)
    And yes! we expect more photos now :) :) :)

  5. craziness. LOVE it! don't be affraid to post pics of yourself...love them! x

  6. about the red sweater with sequins on, I save so many pictures and I don't save them with the source on it, I guess I'm to lazy for that hehe:P So I don't know where it comes from, sorry...


  7. Stop being so hot...It's really not fair on your younger sister (namely me)


bites and kisses for you. meow. x