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Brain is slightly scattered right now but muchos love for this delightfully hot weather. Please understand the gaps in posting, the ocean has got my undivided attention for the next little while...athough I do need to regroup sooner or later as have MANY photos to share which come complete with fond memories to relive.


Was meant to be taking photos of my necklaces and some how ended up with a self portrait. I think I don't mind it because half of my face is covered and I'm liking the lo res grainy contrasty look right now. Might do a group of these type shots at some stage. Basically just enjoying playing with editing styles.

Photos: Selby, Myself (I need a way to tag my work without saying me/my. Lets go with RKB for now....this may change at any given time)

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  1. Pretty photos. I love the film grain effect...very nice!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x