will not be polished. will not shine.


I couldn't ask for nor plan for the quality of light that was happening in my bedroom on Saturday afternoon around 5pm. No time to think, had to move fast and was suprisingly impressed by the results (further series to be posted at later date).

Dear Afternoon Sun, I will be eagerly awaiting your return in all your strong, warm, cinematic, beautiful glory. Yours faithfully, RKB.

Need model on standby for next time.


  1. hot damn i thought this WAS a model !
    great photo girl .

  2. I bet you've been waiting all your blogging life to post a raunchy photo of yourself quite like the above. Anyhow, big ups to you and your remote control...Light looks really cool. Exhibition piece?

  3. Autumn evenings have the best light, imo - it's why autumn is my favourite season!

    Lovely lovely photo :)

  4. what?! This is amazing. So serendipitous. Very hot!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x