when i die i'm alive and when i lose i find - my identity

I feel so disconnected from the world with no internet (even though my online world involves very, very few people that I am actually connected to in any real way, shape or form).
Isn't the real life stuff the stuff that you're meant to find connection in? I thought that was the general traditional view.
To me it all feels useless when it's not shared.
But most of the real people I know wouldn't get what I want to share.
But you get it don't you? If you read blogs and crave beautiful pictures, enjoy wasting hours scanning your favourite editorials and dreaming you could someday create something that makes you feel the same way, figuring out your aesthetic and watching it evolve without you without even realising, seeing a face, a font, a shoe, a colour, a quote, an idea, and having it stuck in your head, saved for a rainy day when you finally put all your bits and pieces together then letting your mind casually stroll through them all, creating a path you didn't even know existed until now. You get it. Right?
 Sorry, didn't see that coming...end of poorly written rant.
What I came to say was simply, I'll be back to posting soon.
Dear Telstra, get your ass into gear ASAP. $400 woth of internet from my mobile and I'm starting to not love you...not that I ever did.
Rachel Kara


  1. ha! I TOTALLY get your poorly written rant! :)
    amber x

  2. Oh, it all makes sense to me. I think the thing about the internet is that you can share what you like with people who care--or care a little bit more, at least. Your everyday friends and family can only handle so much yapping about the merits of film and Louis XIV chairs and cute puppy dogs.

    PS. Thank you for your seriously lovely comment--made my day.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x