Doing a standard Wednesday morning browse through one of my favorite Sydney photographers, Alex Jennings, portfolio I was just as surprised as I was delighted to stumble across these montages featuring yours truly...


Not sure that I am meant to admit I am "delighted" by coming across works starring me, myself & I but hey as I keep reading lately, blogs are all about unashamed ego stroking right? Wrong.


Alex is probably one of the most passionate, knowledgeable photographers I have encountered. Rarely do I admire someone's work with such genuity, a true artist in every sense of the word.
One who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value


Whenever I'm around him I catch photography fever - it's highly contagious I tell you - being able to "rabbit on" (as he likes to say) about his ideas and inspirations for many, many minutes without stopping. I always walk away craving film and the desire to create a distinct, organic vision of my own.

Do yourself a favour; brew a pot of tea, settle in, keep that online ADD we all have under control, and allow yourself to have a long browse through his portfolio. I'll refund you your time if you're not inspired.

Montage/portraits: Alex Jennings 


  1. I'll try and practice what you preached.

  2. amazing photos! love the laid back-ness :)

  3. Rachel, why must you be so heartbreakingly good looking?
    You're making it difficult for us average Joe's.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x