crowned glory


An all star lineup at Fernando Frisoni's RAFW show provided angelic faces on a sunny Wednesday to tantalise my cameras sensor.


I mention the sensor > eyes because I swear it really is like that, my eyes don't get the pleasure of the days goings on until late at night when I sit down to my dearly beloved (iMac), transfer, view and edit files as I listen to it steadily whir away in the background keeping up with all my whims and whimsy.
I don't chose computer (/photos/cameras) over a is my relationship and what a sad sad sentence this is.

Too bad.

Off to a big field, a few stages and some people making music for the weekend. Plenty to review upon my return


Photos: Rachel Kara


  1. They. Are. Beautiful. I've always envied the fresh-faced, tight hair look on girls like this - I can't really work it. Oh well, I'm perfectly happy looking at it on other people.
    I love this first photo, she is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

    And I think the relationship I have with my mac is just as unhealthy as yours is..!

    X Zoe X

  2. The first one made go 'wooooow'.amazing close up.her eyes made me think of that special beauty that i always wish i had (i'm greek u know,my facial features r not like scandinavian hehe) great post. ia m following you dear :) follow back if u like!

  3. These are a stunning set of photographs. I'm almost speechless. Your blog is looking so great at the moment x


bites and kisses for you. meow. x