a garden party

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It was sister 1's birthday yesterday, for which she had envisioned a garden soiree.
In the lead up I was picturing myself all braids and garden wreaths, creamy skin and flushed rosy cheeks, muted flower toned dresses, nude sandals, all very soft and whimiscal - a big, but desired step away from my unofficial uniform of jeans, tee and button ups.
Having just moved into our new home it's a hot mess of boxes and last minute bit's and pieces so cleaning, organising (ie hiding sh*t in places that won't be seen by guests) and decorative preparations left only 10 minutes for personal preparations. I ended up fresh out of the shower with a side plait, makeup of no such description, in an old floral number with a sheer white tshirt underneath a tied up pale pink shirt and my beat up converse...it was far from what I had imagined but very close to what I had predicted...that's just me and I think I'm ok with it.

See rest of this stunning Flowergirl ediorial here.

Photos: Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark May 2011 feat Julie Rode, Maria Palm Lyduch + Solveig Mørk Hansen


  1. I'm loving all of this but that last shot is particularly beautiful.

    As are you young lady! You could wear a paper bag and still looks gorgeous.


  2. I love this shoot.. beautiful flowers and photography! x

    Lousine Adelia

  3. Such a stunning editorial! Hope you are settling in nicely to your new place!

  4. this is an amazing shoot babe!
    So delicate & youthful, i'm sure you looked gorgeous too.
    Nothing ever turns out the way we quite imagine it.
    ♥ ♥


  5. Wow. Amazing models! And amazing photography too.
    Ah well, reality is never the same as what we imagine, I'm sure you looked very pretty :)

    Hope you have a good christmas babe :)


  6. wow beautiful shoot~love this. :)



bites and kisses for you. meow. x