He has mornings off (I seem to have the whole day off) and likes to feel like we've lived a little before the daily grind begins...so we wander down to Salvador Coffee on Kings Lane and sit and listen to the loud South American make coffee, eat some avo on toast with nothing more than a crack of S&P and squeeze of lemon, take some photos, take the scenic root home, do some general meandering always looking around for new things to feast our eyes upon, find a pretty little lane with a grey cat on a garden table, take note of a big leafy wall and try and figure out how we could shoot that (scaffolding?), see that the vine covered and ever intriguing MiniMeanwhile (the outlet store of what is thought of as a mens Blood Orange ie AMAZING) is finally open so pop in for a browse, reconfirm the fact I love mens clothes way more than womens and before you know it, it's 11am and time to say goodbye.


Stylestalker leather jacket // Comme Des Garcons tshirt // Nicola Finetti pants // Senso shoes // Lucky Brand bag
well, that felt weird

Photos: Rachel Kara


  1. these are my favourite type of posts. what a good looking/ well dressed couple.


  2. Sounds like such a fabulous day

  3. rachel you're such a babe! and I think that minimeanwhile is also a men's bloodorange haha and i've had the same problems in regards to finding it open. what is it with the best stores/cafes and the weirdest opening times?


  4. I don't spend nearly enough time wandering backstreets and chancing across amazing things. Best way to spend a morning off.

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bites and kisses for you. meow. x