for Elize


It was just what I was after. Somewhere to feel like a local but eat like I'm on a holiday. A twitter plea for Byron Bay secrets had more than a couple of people recommend The Top Shop and it didn't disappoint. You're served as though you've been there a thousand times before (which, when you haven't, perhaps comes across a little too on the hip IDGAF side of things - but I'm cool with that) and food comes at a pace that makes you know it's going to be ok to linger, order a second serving of (WORLDS BEST) onion rings, stare out the open window and really let it sink in that you're comfortably sitting without a jumper and no bone chilled muscle tension for first time in a few months after a pretty chilly Sydney winter. 

A blissful further 24 hours included panoramic views from our bed looking out over Clarkes beach and far far beyond, a wind swept lighthouse walk at sunset to the most Eastern point in Australia, a mountain goat on said walk, a workout on the way back up, dinner on the balcony, early night, early morning beach walk, coffee at Bayleaf, the anticipation of a vaguely mapped out antiques trail home - with a very handsome man who not only patiently lets me enjoy all of the above, but truly laps it up just as much as me. EEEEEE. I'm a lucky gal.

Byron, we'll be back.

Photos: Rachel Kara


  1. Rachel I'm so glad you captured my little part of the world so beautifully. Sometimes when you see a place so often, it takes another's eyes to show you how stunning it is. Such a weekend!

    A x

  2. I am so jealous!!! I've always really wanted to go here... I didn't know that this was the place THE salad came from.. delicious. Simple. And you know what i thought after you left - it's not just simple food, it's honest food. Honest food is where it's at. Honest food and honest people and honest places!

    Amazing amazing amazing photos (as per)



bites and kisses for you. meow. x