Eclectic metals

London calls to the smell of red brick, London parks with crocuses and nettles and the salty smell of the Thames at Dagenham.

Orientalist captures the faint memory of an Indian wedding with rose petal garlands, giant cinnamon sticks on beach stalls and the musky smells of the Chinese herbal market.

Royalty is a reminiscence of tea time with a pot of Earl Grey, scones, strawberry jam and the drive home in a '52 Bentley with tatty leather seats.

Silver is probably on the lesser side of my love for metals, but when associated with Early Grey, scones and a '52 Bentley I could be swayed. Either way I'll take all three.

Eclectic by Tom Dixon 


  1. what beautiful candles! the scents sound amazing but i think it is the metal casings that by far seal the deal for me. and then i think - how could they be used once the candle is burnt down to the wick? *soph

  2. sometimes i think that I care more about the descriptions of candles than I do about candles themselves... I want this. strawberry jam, yes please! x


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