Slick black

It's a presentation of many kinds, and this fashion week I am proud to be presenting with some of the cleverest ladies around; Hannah Rose & Talisa

Fashion week can feel as though you are excusing yourself from life for 5 days to visit an alternate universe that spins entirely on itself...and you know what - this year I am so excited for it! To help live this out we have a hotel, a schedule, dinner dates and Über.
I am far from an outfit planner but at this stage the week is sounding fancy enough to induce those kinds of thoughts at the very least. 

Über (German pronunciation: [ˈyːbɐ], sometimes written as (ueber , uber or uuber) is an app which is known around the world but fresh to the streets of Sydney, that we will be using to book our private (slick,black) cars from breakfast to show to lunch to show to show to afternoon tea to show to dinner to the room and so on and so forth all week.

Download the app or sign up to uber and recieve $20 credit if you enter the code sweetbirdyouth

Do it! And don't forget the code for 20 big ones in your account. 

Photos: Jak & Jilgraphic by Talisa Sutton, image from Vogue Germany via Rag Pony

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