"Imagine if you could travel to the bottom of the world, to total serene paradise, with ten of your friends for a week and just drive around the south island, listening to flying nun tunes, eating wild apples off the side of the road, sleeping in the middle of nowhere, visiting towns with population of four people, driving through endless country roads, passing magical cliffs over and over again, getting lost – and that was your job.Our first day of shooting started with running through sports fields in the mist, like a scene from Virgin Suicides, Anja jumping around like a kid who ate too much candy, on the way to travel up hundreds of metres above land in gondolas. When we reached the top it really was like we were at the end of the world, I can’t even think of words to explain what we could see and where we were, so I won’t try..."  Zara Mirkin for Russh

It's one of those campaigns, those journeys, collaborations, moments, whatever you want to say it is, that just falls together so perfectly and sits a little deeper than simply what your eyes see. 
It has given me a renewed sense of urgency to get to New Zealand and explore their landscape discover my own serene paradise that Zara speaks of.
Photographically - it's perfection. I remember watching Tim Barber on Camera Bag TV and wanting to see more but failing to follow through. Thankfully Glassons prompted the reitroduction and I am having a good ol time devouring his archived work. Jessica Ann Strother for Asos a definite highlight. 

If you hadn't noticed - Glassons is quickly becoming a thing. Catch up here

Photos: campaign by Tim Barber, behind the scenes by Zara Mirkin  


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  2. Ah I love these shots! Luke + Zara + Teresa + Anja = perfection! Also loving glassons right now - great affordable stuff!
    x - B


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