Who ever said working with family was a bad idea obviously hasn't been a part of my family. Emma & I have actually worked together  for the past 5 years or so. It started off serving bread rolls & making chicken wraps at the bakery just a minute up the road from where we lived, getting paid cash in hand and having riotous karaoke christmas parties.
For another time we would sit on a shuttle bus at 4am most days of the week taking us from the dark carpark to the Qantas domestic terminal where we would laugh & cry at the hilarity and pain only 4am starts could bring.
We made our way through various other hospitality ventures and this is actually the first time I've stopped and considered how very blessed we are to now be collaborating on 'work' that see's us both in the fields that we dreamed of not all that long ago.

These photos were taken a windy Autumn afternoon when the light was low, with a team of only two and the advantage of knowing her face probably better than my own.
They are to accompany a track - a taste - from her upcoming album. Listen to Never In a Million Years here but definitely watch out for a first single coming very soon.

Photos: Emma Birdsall by Rachel Kara

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