this season

Things I like this winter;

Beanies, every kind of soup, fresh produce, going to bed early, down jackets, down doonas, down in general, the pork sandwich from West Juliette, classical music that helps me concentrate, my future-husbands cooking, being productive, taking photos, socks, staring at the stars above my house, girl talk, the whole 2 metres of my I Love Mr Mittens sailor scarf, lying in bed with Nanna and her hot water bottle, jeans, new ceramics from Jengalla, learning about coffee, drinking a little more coffee,  good people being pregnant, designing a wedding dress, Cronulla to Potts Point purely for Room 10, using Pinterest sporadically, HRY 4 days a week, starting the day with tea, escaping to the tropics, people who love what they do.

Things I dislike this winter;

The cold. 

Photo: Jennifer Gilmore for I Love Mr Mittens by Rachel Kara

ps. congrats to Jess & Kath, your ILMM goods will be in the post this week! x

pps. I want to know what's on your list slash some survival techniques for the non-cold climate inclined

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  1. such a lovely post, thankyou! xx


bites and kisses for you. meow. x