Line II

It was one of the only shows of the week that wasn't beholden to the fads of international fashion. Which isn't to say that the show wasn't trendy: there were midi skirts, and the luxe, languid lines of 90s-style dressing, flat sandals and deconstructed tailoring. But it was done Dion's way. It was done with the deft, light hand that has come to characterise a Dion Lee design: effortlessly cerebral, ingeniously constructed and wholly, almost breathtakingly wearable...
...Everything a nuanced, carefully orchestrated balance between edginess and chic, between confidence and comfort, between masculine and feminine. This is his particular talent, the ability to understand what women want to wear, and to make clothes that speak to how we dress now. - Hannah Rose Yee

No one can say what my eyes feel the way HRY can...but you all probably know that by now.
We (as a team, always) covered many more shows for Broadsheet Sydney which can be seen hereherehere & here.

Photos: Rachel Kara

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  1. Love the clothes they're posting inspirational images that makes us want to look as stylish, fashionable and beautiful as they do ;) help promote Australian Fashion as well :)


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