South Coast, NSW

Those pockets of time that you truly get lost in...where you forget about the people, jobs, things, problems, schedules, emails, expectations, to-do lists...where instead you chose to reset your soul to focus on an overriding hopefulness, are aware of beauty, in awe of the land, satisfied with small things, rested, content, warm, peaceful yet ready for all kinds of adventure. That was this weekend. The smell of fruit on the tree, a pastel pink haze hanging over the ocean at sunset, cold morning air, dirt roads that all lead upward, being at the top of the hill, cow calling and cold noses. Lounging by the fireside, finding new songs & a giddy excitement when realising how close heaven really is.  

Photos: Rachel Kara with Nikormat ft2 using Kodak Portra 160 developed and scanned by Vision Image Lab 


  1. These pictures are so dreamy, those film tones and the greens. And those horses and cows. Looks like the best kind of weekend. xo

  2. I love those pockets of time - sounds like a perfect weekend! Lovely set of photos :)

  3. !!! I have no words...just exclamation marks !!!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x