The Valley

To have friends to sit in a squished up car with, who make the detour for better coffee, who's group texts come through by the dozen and make me snortlaugh, who will meet to plan menus for a 48 hour getaway with the understanding that every meal will be an event in and of itself, who go out and dive for fresh lobster whilst the ocean is still close, who will get muddy riding BMX's, climb trees, pick fruit, go canoeing, swim in our underwear, skip stones and look for fish. These are the kind of friends I have! Who understand that cameras are part of the fun, who know when to look into the light or ignore me completely, who dance on the table, up the wall and on the floor. Who don't think it's funny to bring your own kettle, grinder and beans or butter & salt. The kind of friends you can go away with on a Wednesday night. Who notice the way the sun moves and are happy to take solo expeditions and return full of stories and energy to give & share. What a magical time we had.

Photos: Rachel Kara in Kangaroo Valley with a Canon 1V, processed and scanned at Richard Photo Lab 


  1. Love love love all these, I feel like I'm with you on the getaway. I want to go on a trip like this.

  2. Great pictures, so vintage!


  3. Hi there,
    Nice article.. Thanks for sharing your views!!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x