You are

I can't believe there was once a time when I would sit here and write where you didn't yet exist in our world!
You are all things good my girl.
I love the way you violently kiss me. I love the way you check people out. The way your legs hang out the side of the pram and you lean back and assess the world. The most common thing people say to you (whilst doing previously mentioned pram hang) "well aren't you just looking relaxed there". I love your strength - your literal muscular strength! You're the best climber I've ever seen for 8 months old. Your curiosity. The way you look under every dining chair, looking for the tiny stickers to peel off. The way you pop your lip when you're making a decision. The very loud noises you make. The giggle you get when Dad tries to eat you, tickle you or chases you, it comes from deep in your belly and I don't think I am ever so aware of what happiness feels like than when I hear you two laughing together. The way you play with your fingers, flicking every one against your thumb making shapes and signs whilst you feed or think or concentrate. I love that people love you. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they're not usually a 'baby person' but you, you're different. I don't feel like you're a baby, you never have been. You're my best friend. And we can't even converse in sentences yet! I love when you smile so hard you show all your gums and breathe in backwards to make a big happy gasp.  I love loving you. With every challenging hour or day or week we go through, the reward of having you, more you, a more developed aware, bigger, expressive you at the other end wipes the slate clean. I love giving you everything I've got. I empty myself into you most days and it comes back to me 10 fold.
I love that we got through 6 months of not much sleep together. I love your soft skin. The curls in your hair when you're sweaty or just come out of the ocean or bath. You love the ocean! It makes me proud. I strip you off and let you crawl nudie rudie on the sand until Dad or I pick you up and make our way through the waves with you in our arms. I love how you have no fear. You dive head first off the bed, or lounge or any raised surface with no awareness or care of consequence, because we're always right there watching...making sure all ends well. You bump your head and knock yourself all the time in your climbing missions - but all it takes is a reassuring "you're ok" and you are ok and get on with it. You're not a whinger. You're such a happy girl. You have an amazing sense of humour. I love watching you play. You really love the guitar. And music. We think you might be musical one day. You love being on my hip as I hold your arm out and dance and I sing "daa da da di da", it makes you very happy. You love spinning around with me and making us both dizzy. The laughing squeal this brings on is the best. I love how you're so active yet so content. I love your independence yet your warmth and affection.
I could go on for days about all the things you are - but you're currently taking a nap and I think I need one myself.
I love all of you my darling. You are my good thing.

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