dream BIG


"Never let anyone tell you that your dreams can't come true. Eventually someone's going to do what you dream of doing. Why not you?"

Many quotes get read and forgotten but this one is on my my friends facebook and everytime i read it a wave of inspiration runs over me and I am determined to not compromise what I want no matter how impossible it seems right now.

Anyway if there is anyone who wants to do a link exchange I'm going to do it in the next few days so just leave me a comment or email or whatever else and I'll be more than happy to :)


  1. I love what you said in this post. I feel so frustrated sometimes at not feeling brave enough to really go for what I want and for really not knowing what I want out of life and which path taken would be the best. Are you facing any obstacles in obtaining your dream currently?

    Thanks so much for helping me find the link to that girl's page on lookbook.nu! =) It's really sweet of you and gosh I just get lost on lookbook with all the great photos.

    Would love to exchange links with you. =) Have added you to my blogroll already; hope you don't mind! Thanks~


bites and kisses for you. meow. x