ring a rosy


There are several things I have promised myself when I get a full time job (which is going to be in the next 2 weeks...yes I believe in speaking out what you want and the key is to be specific about it).
ANYTHING from this range is on the list.

I feel it is so perfectly me and will seamlessly slip ito my 'everyday' jewellery wardrobe which I will get round to posting soon enough. So tell me do you have regular 'set' or piece of jewellery or does it change with each outfit/mood/occasion?

Photos:Alex Munnro website


  1. Those rings are so cute.
    I have to say my pieces of jewelry depends on my mood and occasions. But I have a bracelet with really small diamonds that I wear almost everyday.

  2. omg. i love everything from that collection. its love :) x

  3. the rings are SO pretty. i love the first one.

  4. the ring on the top left is BEAUTIFUL!


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