rudey nudey


Inspired by Stella 08, a collection that is always playing on my mind, to look for a nude bodysuit (bonus points for mesh), I got slightly sidetracked and found some other beautys that I would very much like to have hanging in my wardrobe.


Speaking of nude, I have always wanted to go live in a nudist colony for a time. Or maybe even just a holiday would suffice. Is that wierd? I am I alone on this matter? Maybe my brain has melted a little from lack of sleep and excesive work. A few extra hours in the day would be lovely.

Photos: Stella Mccartney on, majoirty of items from net-a-porter but comment for details


  1. nude is so hot right now

  2. yuh nude is so the new black :P perfect for spring summer, I love that florals aren't taking so much role this spring - that pink jacket is amazing though, I can imagine it with a nude dress, oh my.

  3. I love this color.
    I want everything on this picture.
    If only I was a millionnaire...


bites and kisses for you. meow. x