work hard for tha money

Earning money is good Spending the money you earn in AMAZING.

My latest purchase was a Fleur Wood playsuit. Super duper cute. But bought it 2 sizes too big (why??) and gotta find a good tailor now.


Went to buy this Mink Pink 'Violet Tendencies' but none of my size left. Shattered. to. pieces.


Looking for a good pair of ankle boots like these Ellery ones. Little bit of somethin somethin to stand out from the sea of black booties is essential.

I give you Ellery's 'Barnacle boot'.

MAYBE might look as investent and take the plunge next pay day. Until then I'll be thinking about it...any help? NB: they will be 80% of a fortnights pay.

Easter long weekend just around the corner which I'm excited for a bit of me time and catching up on a looonnnggg list of blogs I havent been able to check for a few weeks now. I'm already excited, it's like how I feel when I know I'm about to catch up with a long lost friend. So much to get through, where to begin!



  1. Love, love the floral dress, such a shame they didn't have any left in your size, I hate when I find an amazing piece only to discover that they don't have anymore in my size. :(

    About the shoes, it's up to you, but sounds like a pretty large investment...I think when it comes to things like these you have to ask yourself whether you'll really be wearing (whatever it is) for long enough that they pay for themselves, or whether it might just be a trend you'll be tired of soon. I think if you're going to invest, it's best to invest in pieces that are somewhat timeless and can be worn for years and years to come. :)



bites and kisses for you. meow. x