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Scrolling through my 'shopping list' folder (yes I have a folder dedicated to pictures of items I plan or at least aspire and desire to purchase) to check out what my budget won't allow me to afford this fortnight, I noticed myself going back for second third and fourth glimpses of the following bundle of suede and rubber joy.


I was doing a showing a few weeks ago and a stylist came in wearing them in black (she owns both colours). After oggling for a few minutes I just couldn't help myself and had to ask her where they were from. I was happy with the response - no foreign cities, no big designer ($) names - and was sure they could be made mine. Not long after my search started did it end as it seemed they had sold out everywhere. The end.

OR NOT!!!!! Tonight I decided a quick google search of "siobahn sambag" couldn't hurt anyone. Top result was the online stockist I had originally looked on who had sold out. Call it magic or fate or luck or whatever else you want (I'm gonna go with magic for this one) and every size has those big ugly capital SOLD OUT letters next to them except for 39. Oh joy!

NB: Find the phrase "what my budget won't allow me to afford this fortnight" and replace with "items that are essential so special considerations can be made".



  1. Rachel,
    I run If you ever want a product as this to be tracked, just send over the URL of the product page via my Contact form. Not every product is trackable at every site, however, in the instance above with Frockaholics, I could have sent my spider there daily (or more frequently depending on demand) to check if it was in stock, then sent you an email as soon as it was available. Remember or bookmark my site for future use... Enjoy the shoes!

  2. gaga well irs a great little bootie! melikes
    and exceptions should def. be made

  3. I agreeee, first magic happens when the answer is nothing to do with designers and foreign cities, then you can start dreaming :D love it when things are just magically left for us to come along and snatch it up hehee. Love the shoes, nothing like I've seen around!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x