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"What is the best way to show someone you love them? To let go. And the worst? To possess." Heidi Slimane, LOVE Issue One

I see similarities in these couples, the extreme vulnerability that comes with young love, yet somehow the first pair seem to maintain their child like innocence whilst the other captures some sort of dark complexity involved in the relationship. I can't decide which one I relate to more

In saying that, these pics could be taken of 2 randoms that Heidi Slimane picked up at a park and posed together....but thats what I find so intriguing about his photos - they flick my brain art switch into overdrive (brain art is what I call the lavish and extravagent role plays, life stories, make believe conversations etc that I come up with and usually happens when I really don't have time for it to happen but is fun all the same) and before you know it I am somehow entangled in the story and feelings of the photo knowing its full history yet actually knowing nothing at all.

P.S. Feel as though I can put my words together properly tonight. Blahhh. Apologies.

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  1. i think we cann al relate to both of them ..
    as relationships can be a mixture if you have been dating for a while .


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