Watching day come up and spread it's glory over one of my favourite Sydney streets on a Saturday. Delight.

I have put down magazines and picked up novels again. It came to my attention that my mind must be visually saturated as I was not soaking up anything I was seeing.

Do you read? What are you reading? Is it good? Tell me, tell me!

Jonathan Safran Foer has been on my to do list for sometime. A delightful Christmas gift prompted follow through.

Everything is Illuminated, Jonathan Safran Foer. 2002.
"The boys, young men, men and elderly of the shtetl would sit vigil outside her window at all hours of the day and night asking if they could assist her with her studies, or in the garden, or if perhaps Brod would like to go for a stroll to the river.

She never said no and never said yes but pulled, slackened, pulled her strings of control.

She maintained a careful balance by her window never allowing the men to come too close, never allowing them to stray too far. She needed them desperately, not only for the favors, not only for the things they could get for Yankel and her that Yankel couldn't afford but because they were a few more fingers to plug the dike that held back what she knew to be true..."

Photos: Rachel Kara


  1. Beautiful photographs
    I felt for a while that I haven't been reading anything substantial so I'm making a pact with myself to get back into reading novels too
    Just finished reading "Eat Pray Love" and absolutely loved it

  2. I just love sydney's terrace housing...beautiful. Always wondered what it'd be like to live in one. I've been reading more lately, it really feels so good to read again. Got Haruki Murakami's Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World for Christmas, it's such a wonderful book, def recommend if you haven't read it.

    P.s Thanks for your sweet comment, Will def. let you know when we've got some of our polaroids up. ;)

  3. Excellent shots!! Salut!!

    Frank, Barcelona

  4. you should check out if i stay by gayle forman

    ps. i like your "comments are crack for bloggers" so true haha

  5. The book you mention is the same as the film, right? Did not read the book yet but the film was so touching, beautiful!

  6. Those photos are amazing. I wish I could jet off to a far place like Australia and get away from all this shit around me.

  7. We must live close by, this all looks strangely familiar. J x


bites and kisses for you. meow. x