"Embracing a post-apocalyptic, spectral mood...the tale swings from indie intellectualism to dark fantasy." Not gonna lie, I like the indie intellectualism part best.

"When I really started to love him, strange fear built inside of me.

Fear's an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous..."

Funnily enough I have the answer (or a fleshy  thought at the very least) to this age old problem with love and fear. Seriously. Hit me up if you want to know about it!

Film: Martin de Thurah for Johan Lindeberg via Nowness


  1. What a great piece of art... My heart skips at least three beats when the music kicks in and they take you on the journey, up that beautiful road...

    "..but sometimes we use time on meaningless passions, just to kill all well being and good theories.."

    I'd like to hear your thought about love and fear sometime.

  2. Indie Intellectualism, how wonderful. My mission is to work that into a conversation without the other people being like, 'what!?'

    I adore the font on your header. Love the blog. Followed!

  3. Jess - do it! They may pretend they aren't shocked at what a great phrase it is but next time they're in convo any bet they drop it like it's hot.

    Dudi- Get an account so we can banter better!


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