I'm the shittest person at being consistent at pretty much anything (hey, future employers investigating my social media presence)...
but a lot is changing at the moment.
My lack of posts will be compensated for shortly :)


Meanwhile, I am mesmerized by this face (belonging to Ranya Mordanova) and the scene in which it has been captured.
I feel this deserves a movie or at least a short film.

Take me I'm yours.

Photos: Ahmet Polat for Vogue Turkey January 2011


  1. Good to hear and see from you again, Sweet Bird. Your eye for the beautiful is highly appreciated. Keep it up!

  2. ahh this is amazing... agreed, they most definitely feel like they could be screen captures off a movie i'd have to watch. It's great to see ranya in an editorial!


bites and kisses for you. meow. x