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Janie Taylor for Chloé on

Ballet seems kind of hip right now and I am led to believe Black Swan is the catalyst for this. No complaints from me but as one who tends to gravitate away from 'trends' I have a bad habit of defending my interest in the topic, and perhaps even get a touch self righteous knowing it's been a big part of my life since forever - pretty sure I was wearing leotards before I was out of nappies.

Moving forward...

This beautiful video styled by James Worthington DeMolet, directed by Bon Duke and choreographed by Justin Peck features  NYC's principle dancer Janie Taylor road testing Chloé’s dance-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

I think more than almost anything else I am in awe of the way she navigates those long luscious locks as she dances....

Film: for The Block Magazine via Nowness

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  1. This just got my heart racing.
    Absolutely stunning.
    I want long golden hair and a flowy sheer skirt (and a good looking young chap to lift me into the air and effortlessly fly me around a room)...x


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