A whatsamacallit


Everytime I call it a cossie my Brisbane born lover laughs at me. Everytime he/someone says bathers, togs, trunks, swimsuit et al. I imagine nose turned up and living in the motherland where clearly swimwear is not even relevant. Ew.

Anyways, these are a couple of favourites for summer so far. And when I say favourites let's just establish I mean within the realm that I could actually have some chance of twerkin'. Through time and too many years as a fit-model I've become very good at visualing clothing before it's on the body, which I'm always so grateful when remembering how horrendous shopping can be - ripping jeans off, undoing sandals/laces, bra, messing hair, pulling tops over head, coming way too close to mirrors in the change room and other annoying things like that. I know right, life's tough.

A big UNthankyou to Photobucket and/or Photoshop for wierd image compression.

Credit: Zimmerman, Missoni, We Are Handsome

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bites and kisses for you. meow. x