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Attention please all you friendly blog readers! You know I don't post things I don't like...in fact just last night I was involved in a discussion that had me refuting the fact I've never done anything I don't like. What I could come up with was 1) eating fish when I was a kid and b) making my bed, also when I was a kid. Evidently I ended up losing that argument - but gaining an anecdote to back me up on the fact you should definitely watch the above video.

Watch it...

go on....

don't worry, I'm waiting....

Genius, right?! Voice over guy I want to take you out with me on the weekend. Dance floors all over Sydney would seriously benefit from someone cleverly and oh so delightfully taking the p*ss. Fine, Marloes you can come cause you're a TOTAL minx and Sid, you too. I really like your Angry Janitor move. Me being me must mention the gorgeous, warm, beautifying light used throughout. Very nicely done by JN Motion


I was rather chuffed with the prompting to rediscover River Island online as I did a quick browse with tomorrows schedule of work -> date night in mind, and came out with this combo in less time than it takes me to drink a cup of tea. If they can make you dance with Marloes Horst surely they can find a way to express ship to Australia?!

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bites and kisses for you. meow. x