Living it

I stop, close the doors so I can't hear the bloody TV in the next room, breathe out, let my shoulders drop and start scrolling through page after page...after page...of my newest (online) love. The further into the archives I dig the more I get lost in the photos and words and dreams that are passing me by with every new click and scroll. 
Rohan lives in an old school house (not like 'kickin' it old-school' old school, more like an actual house that belonged to a school some amount of time ago) with a 'useful garden' and a life that seems to revolve around food - and the growing, planting, hunting, gathering that goes with it when you are sustainably and ethically minded - along with some nice trees, mushrooms, kids and well, I guess photography and the interwebs when I consider for a second how exactly I know all of this about his life. The photos he takes are nek level!! Inviting, perfectly balanced (in every sense of the word) and truly make my insides warm as I sense the care and peace that surrounds them. Yes, yes I realise living in the forest doesn't make you a zenned out green space fairy but it sure as heck helps.

I get the feeling Whole Larder Love has more of an empire than I realise with a book coming out soon and an ABC Cooking Series link on the blog (which I must check out) but I really truly don't think that changes the way he, nor I, look at it. 

My mind is now wandering down paths of it's own where I see myself migrating north after a short and succesful spurt of financially sustaining work, to buy a nice piece of empty land where I will live simply, breathe, nest and create whatever it may be with my love. 

I think it's time for bed. 



  1. really dig the photos. can't wait to get lost in Whole Larder Love.

  2. How GOOD is he at life. Seriously. His book looks amazing.

  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Especially that shot of the young girl.

  4. So beautifully written. Your words took me to another place.


bites and kisses for you. meow. x